Friday, July 9, 2010


Man conned into buying stolen car

A marketing executive is in a dilemma after buying a vehicle of lower fuel consumption to cut costs. Tan Kian Fu, 33, bought a stolen vehicle, which was later confiscated by the Road Transport Department. To make matters worse, he was ordered repay a loan of RM40,000 taken for the car.

A lady bought a car that declared as total loss

A lady bought a car that already declared total loss. The earlier owner had paid by the insurance company and yet this car was sold by a used car dealer to this lady.

With every check we can tell if your car has been reported:

-Total loss
-Recovered from Theft

Every car check includes:

A detailed online report

Why choose Vehicle Check?

Buying a used car can take a great deal of time and patience. Vehicle Check can help to determine your choice and will save you time. Once you have identified a few possible car all you need to do is to enter the registration number or chassis number and you will receive very useful information/report. The report provides you whether your car is stolen, total loss or recovered from theft.

A Single Vehicle Check - RM20

Single check provides a one-time vehicle check report based on the time of the online request and online payment is successfully made. A copy of the report will be sent to your valid email address.

Continue Single Vehicle Check - RM28

You will get the same report as single check. In addition, system will continue to check your vehicle number against our database for 90 days from the date of purchase of the Vehicle Check report. An email notification will be sent to your valid email should new information on the vehicle become available during this period.

Payment can be made easily with your CIMB transfer or Maybank2U transfer.

CIMB Account Number : 12150077689528
Maybank Account Number : 162852006379

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